Monday, February 27, 2017

Previously deported illegal charged with murdering girlfriend, kidnapping in Connecticut

On Friday, an illegal alien who has previously been deported was charged with murdering his girlfriend and kidnapping their 6 year old daughter in Connecticut, this just two days after the governor declared the state a ‘sanctuary state.’

Oscar Obedio Hernandez is an El Salvadorian criminal illegal immigrant who has prior felony convictions for assault and threatening, plus multiple misdemeanor convictions. He was previously deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in 2013.

Police say the illegal alien stabbed his girlfriend 14 times, killing her, before he also stabbed her female friend, who survived but is in critical condition. After that, he kidnapped their 6-year-old daughter before being captured by police in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.

FOX 61 reports:

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