90 Miles From Tyranny : Syrian Refugee Murders Boy In Sweden, GETS NO JAIL TIME

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Syrian Refugee Murders Boy In Sweden, GETS NO JAIL TIME

This is what a clash of civilizations looks like. Among the incidents in Sweden reported by Gatestone's Ingrid Carlqvist is the resolution to this story that you might have heard of already.

March 7: It was reported that the young Syrian who murdered 15-year-old Arminas Pileckas at the Göingeskolan school in Broby will not be charged with murder, or penalized in any way -- even though the investigation shows that he committed the murder. The age of criminal responsibility in Sweden is 15, and the murderer claims he is 14. Arminas Pileckas, whose family immigrated to Sweden from Lithuania, was apparently very well-liked. His murder stirred up emotion, not least because it turned out that he had protected a girl in his class from the Syrian's unwanted sexual advances. Aftonbladet interviewed the murderer's father, who blamed the school for his son's stabbing Arminas in the back:

"The school did nothing to help him or to restore his honor [because the victim interfered with his sexual advances]. Instead, my son had to see [Arminas] at school every day. It upset him very much."

Honor is everything in an honor-shame culture.

Honor means that a Muslim of the Master Faith is entitled to sexually assault Swedish girls. And that it's the school and the teenager who protected them who is to blame for...Read More HERE

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