Sunday, March 26, 2017

German politicians ‘were warned about terrorist NINE months before he massacred 12 at Christmas market’

Authorities in Duesseldorf were sent letter by State Criminal Office saying Anis Amri was a ‘sucicide attack threat who should be deported from Germany’

But the bogus asylum seeker remained at large until December 19 when he hijacked a Polish lorry and drove it into a crowd of revellers in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring dozens more.

Amri, 24, fled across Europe to Milan in Italy where he was shot dead by police five days later.

It was known that Amri had moved in and out of the radar of police and intelligence services during his time in Germany.

But now a letter has surfaced written in March last year to the ministry of the interior of the state parliament in Duesseldorf which stated: "Amri presents a threat in the form of a suicide attack. The commission of a terrorist attack by Amri is expected."

The letter went on to suggest deporting him and contained evidence of a tapped phone conversation in he had in February in which Amri used the word 'Dougma' - a metaphor, say German spies, that Islamists use to mean a suicide bombing.
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