Friday, March 31, 2017

'Refugee' Accused Of Murdering German Teen To Be Tried As A Juvenile, Experts Say He's 22

An Afghan migrant charged with the rape and murder of 19-year-old medical student will be tried as a juvenile in Germany, even though he lied about his age and experts believe he's at least 22-years-old.

From RT:
German prosecutors have charged an Afghan migrant with the murder and rape of a 19-year-old medical student in Freiburg. The suspect already served a prison term for a similar offense in Greece but was released early.

Officials in the southwestern German city of Freiburg, home of one of Germany's elite universities where the incident had taken place, announced the charges on Thursday.
The prosecution team accused the suspect known as Hussein K. of having "attacked, strangled and raped" Maria Ladenburger, a 19-year-old medical student who disappeared while on her way home from a party on October 16, 2016.
The prosecutors claim he then dumped her in the nearby Dreisam River. Her body was found...

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  1. Seems like this is something medical science could help with. There must be some reliable indicator of actual biological age. We do this for horses, and to tell pregnant women how far along they are. Or maybe we should ignore biological age as a legal principle and look at each case to determine if the perp was acting with personal agency.