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Thursday, March 30, 2017


From Grabien:
Each item in this report includes a source as well as a link to a third-party news site containing more information.

And even as we tried to be as comprehensive as possible, the federal government is massive and it’s impossible to catch everything. If you’re aware of a scandal we missed, write us at tips@grabien.com (and include a link for a corresponding news account). We’ll continue updating this list in the days ahead.

Note: To sort by date, click the top of the date column. To sort by agency, click the top of the agency column.

1Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms01/04/2010Obama's ATF, in tandem with the DoJ, arranged for thousands of heavy assault rifles to make their way into the hands of Mexican narco warlords, setting the stage for a mass slaughter of Mexicans (more than 300 to date).The Washington Times
2Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms28/06/2011The Obama Administration fired the ATF whistleblower who exposed the Fast and Furious scandal.Fox News
3Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms07/12/2011Documents reveal Obama's ATF used "Fast and Furious" as part of a campaign for more gun control.CBS News
4Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms15/12/2011More than 1,000 guns from Obama's "Fast and Furious" program remain lost.The Washington Times
5Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms25/09/2013The DoJ's internal watchdog says the ATF let a confidential informant keep as much as $5.2 million from illicit cigarette sales.CBS News
6Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms25/09/2013The DoJ's internal watchdog says the ATF somehow "lost track" of 420 million cigarettesCBS News
7Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms09/12/2013Obama's ATF used mentally disabled teens to run drug-and-gun stings.Reason
8Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms04/08/2015Guns from Obama's "Fast and Furious" programs were used in the killings of at least two Americans, and probably more.National Review Online
9Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms20/09/2015Obama's ATF is using its resources to threaten the makers of kombucha, a fermented tea with trace amounts of alcohol.The Denver Post
10AmeriCorps10/07/2009After AmeriCorps' Inspector General uncovered corruption in the office of an Obama ally, Sacramento's major Kevin Johnson, Obama fired the IG.The Washington Times
11AmeriCorps10/07/2009In firing AmeriCorps' IG for doing his job too effectively, Obama broke a law that he as a senator sponsored.The Washington Examiner
12Amtrak31/05/2010After Amtrak's inspector general uncovered waste, fraud, and abuse within Amtrak, Obama fired him.The Washington Times
13Barack Obama White House11/09/2001As recounted in his autobiography, Obama reacted to 9/11 by worrying it might dampen his political career on account of his middle name.The Audacity of Hope
14Barack Obama White House09/05/2008While campaigning, Obama said he had visited "57 states" in America, and had two more to go before seeing them all.Snopes
15Barack Obama White House09/12/2008Before he was even in office, Obama was enmeshed in scandal. He was accused of consorting with then-Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich over who would get his Senate seat, although he denied making contact with the governor's office. However a witness says this wasn't true, and Obama was pushing for Valerie Jarrett.TIME
16Barack Obama White House18/03/2009When British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited the White House, Obama gave him a bunch of DVDs as a gift (worse: they were in the wrong format).The Daily Telegraph
17Barack Obama White House24/03/2009Despite running on a promise to go through the budget "line by line" to cut wasteful spending, Obama quadrupled the deficit in his first year of office.The Heritage Foundation
18Barack Obama White House07/04/2009Obama seemed to think Austrians speak "Austrian"The Washington Post
19Barack Obama White House15/04/2009When one of his staffers referred to the pope as a "discredited leader," Obama refused to say if he agreed.CNS News
20Barack Obama White House17/04/2009After enduring hours of anti-American speeches from crackpot South American leaders at the 2009 Summit of the Americas conference, Obama said ... nothing.Bloomberg
21Barack Obama White House19/04/2009When the Grateful Dead was in D.C. for a show, Obama made sure they paid him a secret visit in the Oval Office.The Washington Post
22Barack Obama White House19/04/2009After Iran convicted an American journalist in a sham trial, the Obama White House was mute.Yahoo News
23Barack Obama White House09/07/2009Breaking a decades long precedent, Obama happily met with then-Libya dictator Muammar Gaddafi at a G8 Summit.Tripoli Post
24Barack Obama White House21/07/2009After committing to cut a mere $100 million in spending in 90 days (around 1/10th of 1 percent of the budget), Obama missed his deadline.CNN
25Barack Obama White House22/07/2009Despite admitting "not having all the facts," Obama said a Boston police officer "acted stupidly" when arresting a professor who resisted questions while the officer responded to a 911 call. Obama later said he regretted his comments.Wikipedia
26Barack Obama White House29/07/2009Despite publicly asking federal agencies to look for places to cut costs, Obama arranged a massive spending boost for a legal aid agency whose own inspector general accused it of wasting money on goodies for its execs.The Washington Times
27Barack Obama White House24/08/2009Obama tried turning 9/11 into some kind of national holiday for liberalism.The American Spectator
28Barack Obama White House04/02/2010Barack Obama, commander in chief, pronounced Navy "corpsman" like "corpse-man."YouTube
29Barack Obama White House22/04/2010While Obama hosted an Earth Day celebration in the Rose Garden, the Deepwater Horizon, which had been burning for two days, sank into the GulfThe Daily Caller
30Barack Obama White House23/04/2010The Coast Guard announces 11 Deepwater workers are dead; Obama travels to N.C. for a vacation, where he eats BBQ with Michelle.The Daily Caller
31Barack Obama White House24/04/2010Coast Guard announces oil is spewing into the Gulf; the Obamas continued their vacationThe Daily Caller
32Barack Obama White House26/04/2010After an attempt at stopping the leak fails, the spill is now the size of Rhode Island; Obama hosts a ceremony with the Yankees and then plays a round of golfThe Daily Caller
33Barack Obama White House28/04/2010The spill rate is upgraded to 5,000 barrels/day; Obama spends the day doing political events in IllinoisThe Daily Caller
34Barack Obama White House29/04/2010Louisiana Gov. declares a state of emergeny as the 600 mile spill is just 16 miles off the coast; Obama delivers a speech on cybersecurity and meets with FEMA -- about hurricane preparednessThe Daily Caller
35Barack Obama White House01/05/2010Efforts at stopping the leak continue to fail; Obama attends the White House Correspondents Dinner to tell jokes.The Daily Caller
36Barack Obama White House08/05/2010BP's "containment dome" fails to contain the leak; Obama plays golf at Fort BelvoirThe Daily Caller
37Barack Obama White House09/05/2010Tar balls begin reaching the Alabama coastline; Obama delivers a commencement address at Hampton Univ.The Daily Caller
38Barack Obama White House17/05/2010By now the spill rate has been upgraded to 50,000 barrels/day; Obama hosts UCONN's women's basketball team at the White HouseThe Daily Caller
39Barack Obama White House18/05/2010Oil balls are now washing ashore in Fla.; Obama meets with members of the Democratic CaucusesThe Daily Caller
40Barack Obama White House22/05/2010The spill continues unabated; Obama announces a renovation project at the White House and delivers another commencement addressThe Daily Caller
41Barack Obama White House26/05/2010The spill continues unabated; Obama hosts the U.S. World Cup soccer team and Duke's basketball teamThe Daily Caller
42Barack Obama White House28/05/2010Obama makes a brief visit to Loisiana to inspect the recovery efforts, then heads on vacationThe Daily Caller
43Barack Obama White House29/05/2010Obama tried to illegally bribe a Democratic senatorial candidate (Joe Sestak) out of running.CNN
44Barack Obama White House13/09/2010After the Gulf disaster was finally contained, Obama commissioned a taxpayer funded study to see what Americans thought of his handling of the crisisYahoo News
45Barack Obama White House17/12/2010When Obama met with elementary school children in Virginia, he read them his own book.USA Today
46Barack Obama White House22/01/2011Against advice, Obama invited China's government to a White House state dinner; the Chinese pianist ended up playing an anti-American tune during the event.The Epoch Times
47Barack Obama White House08/02/2011Under Obama, regulations soared to more than 1,500/year (by contrast Congress averages 200 laws/year).The Competitive Enterprise Institute
48Barack Obama White House14/02/2011For months Obama deflected calls to act on the deficit/debt by creating a commission to handle the issue; when the commission issued its report, Obama ignored it entirely.The Heritage Foundation

There is WAY More:

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matism said...

That list is VERY incomplete. There are 25 BATFE Field Divisions across this country. Phoenix is one of them, and THEY had Fast and Furious. EVERY ONE of those Field Divisions had a similar operation. The ones near the southern border with Mexico ran weapons to other cartels down there. The ones in the middle of the country ran guns to the gangs in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Cleveland.

Down here in Florida, we have their Tampa Field Division. They had operation Castaway, running weapons to Communist terrorists supporting former president Zelaya in Honduras.