90 Miles From Tyranny : To Truly Beat The Bureaucrats, Trump Needs To Shut Their Agencies Down

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Monday, March 20, 2017

To Truly Beat The Bureaucrats, Trump Needs To Shut Their Agencies Down

Do Republicans really think that fewer than 5,000 appointees can win against 2.8 million federal employees who have a vested interest in absolutely nothing changing?

If there is to be real change in our form of government, the Trump administration needs to avoid the fatal flaw of previous Republican administrations: choosing to play the game by the Left’s rules.

Nearly every Republican administration makes some changes, but mostly lightly exfoliates the elephant of the State. These are temporary gains at best, small pauses in the seemingly inevitable march of government dominance. Most Republicans don’t seem to understand what we are up against, that the game is rigged against smaller government.

We have to view our government through system dynamics, the study of understanding nonlinear behavior in complex systems. Such systems, like vast government bureaucracy, include loops that reinforce certain actions and results. These loops act similarly to compounding interest, starting slowly, over time accelerating, then finally exploding in size, all the while strengthening themselves.

So we have to look at and understand our modern form of government, which made a dramatic shift in the early twentieth century, as “The System” filled with...

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