90 Miles From Tyranny : Antifa Activist Punches Reporter, Gets Arrested on Camera

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Antifa Activist Punches Reporter, Gets Arrested on Camera

Rebel Media editor Jack Posobiec was reporting on Antifa activity when he decided to engage one of the activists. Did they carry on a deep philosophical discussion about their differing views of government? Did they talk about their perhaps different views of the President? Did they have a meeting of the minds? Not so much.

Another Antifa member -- not the same person Posobiec was engaging -- comes up. In the video below, watch the man wearing a bike helmet (Why the helmet? Because you need to think of safety first, of course.)

Anyway, the bike helmet guy comes up and challenges either the cameraman or the reporter to a fight. Then, he assaults the cameraman right in front of police officers while being filmed. That's just too much goodness in one video. But, it gets better. The police come over and arrest the man... who claims "self-defense."

Watch this and try not to feel a thrill of joy up your...

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