90 Miles From Tyranny : AntiFa Poster Promotes Genocide...

Monday, April 24, 2017

AntiFa Poster Promotes Genocide...

Fascists Promoting A Racist Purge....
Hmmm... Sounds Familiar...


  1. Bring it! We'll have fun! Just like being a security guard on a freighter off Somalia!

  2. fine 60th bd gift for me... The Kenyan who writes poetry is nothing more than a spawn of satan, we all know the rest of the story WE STILL have the constitution and we have our Rights. YA'LL bring it and the LION will destroy the rest. GOT JESUS??? HE IS GOING TO SETTLE THIS MATTER FOREVER AND EVER AMEN!

  3. There was another recent Antifa poster being shown demanding genocide of whites. Since even they aren't that stupid - being 99 percent white - I call BS. Although I got to hand it to the fifth level troll who is printing and posting these. They're all too believable at this point.

    1. Agreed. They're anarchists. Race doesn't play into their horse crap.

  4. We've handled their kind before.


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