Thursday, April 27, 2017

Disgusting WSJ Reporter Laura Meckler Calls Honoring Illegal Alien Crime Victims, Their Families ‘F*cking Ridiculous’

Sources present at Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly’s Wednesday conference honoring families whose kids and spouses were murdered by illegals inform GotNews that Wall Street Journal reporter Laura Meckler repeatedly mocked the event before they were honored.

The victimized families were only people “pissed they [the illegal aliens] weren’t deported,” she said. She also called it a “total Trump campaign event” before repeatedly saying: “This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. This is fucking ridiculous.”

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Not very ladylike, Laura! She later wrote on Twitter: “DHS appears to be borrowing Trump campaign technique of packing front rows of a news conference with supporters.”

During the solemn conference, Kelly honored individual families who suffered unimaginable horrors and silence from their government, promising them they will never be forgotten again. He ignored questions from the angry hive of reporters, including Meckler, who were muttering in outrage before...
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  1. WSJ is part of the Murdoch empire, and as such is Rove Republican to its very core.

    What ELSE would you expect from such sewage?

  2. Looks like Caitlin Jenner. Right sweetie?