Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sean Hannity doubles down after time off; ‘making progress’ on the murder of Seth Rich

Sean Hannity is “making progress” on the murder of Seth Rich, whose suspicious death has spawned rampant speculation and multiple reward offers for clues.

As promised, Hannity returned to Fox News Tuesday night after the holiday weekend — much to the chagrin of liberal media that had falsely claimed he was being forced off the air.

Last week, leftist groups pressured Hannity’s sponsors to boycott his show. Financial services firm USAA initially pulled its ads after buckling under...Read More HERE


  1. Hey Mike;

    I was one of the ones that complained loudly to USAA via EMail as did many others. I commented to them that they are there to support the Military and veterans whom are overwhelmingly conservative. and advertising on MSNBC to an audience that views the military with disdain isn't a smart advertising decision.

  2. We need to exert more of our own pressure like the leftists always do.
    If anything, advertisers would learn to stay out of politics, and just sell their products and ignore the snowflakes.