Saturday, June 3, 2017

PANIC AT LONDON BRIDGE London Bridge attack: Terror incident leaves up to seven feared dead after van ploughs into pedestrians ‘before three men with hunting knives jump out and start stabbing people’

More Cultural Enrichment For England.
Had enough yet mates?


  1. Today is the same as the KKK. Good muslims are quite as good christians were quite in the past. Little difference between lynchings and suicide bombers.

    1. A poll of muslims in the UK indicated that over half would not turn in a radical jihadi if they knew one and over 30 percent thought suicide bombing was a valid means of protest. A better analogy for what is going on in the US and Europe is if instead of fighting the Vietnam war in Vietnam, we imported millions of them here, including the 25 percent that were willing to pick up a gun and kill for communism. Islam is rising in the world just like communism was in the last century and it's not going to be polite about how it takes power.