90 Miles From Tyranny : Was Seth Rich Murdered With Guns Owned By The FBI?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Was Seth Rich Murdered With Guns Owned By The FBI?

Burglar stole guns off nearby FBI vehicle hours before Seth Rich shooting.

WASHINGTON – A burglar broke into an FBI vehicle and stole weapons – including a .40 caliber Glock-22 handgun and a Rock River Arms Rifle – hours before DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot multiple times just two miles north of the weapons theft.

Now a private investigator is suing the Metropolitan Police Department for ballistics reports that would reveal whether the two crimes, both of which took place in the early hours of July 10, 2016, are in any way connected.

D.C. lobbyist and attorney Jack Burkman

“Our investigators have learned that one hour on the morning of July 12, one hour before the murder of Seth Rich, there was an FBI SUV in the vicinity … of the shooting of Seth Rich. Two guns were stolen from that SUV one hour before the killing of Seth – a 22 Glock and an M4 rifle,” said Jack Burkman, the head of the Profiling Project investigative team, which is seeking video footage of the shooting, the medical examiner’s report, autopsy documents and ballistics reports.

Burkman, who made the statements at a news conference Wednesday, said video footage, the medical examiner’s report and ballistics reports are crucial to finding out how Rich was killed.

“One hour after, approximately one hour and 10 minutes after the killing of Seth, this was reported stolen by the person in charge of...

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  1. When was the theft reported? After or before the shooting? Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.


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