90 Miles From Tyranny : As Hurricane Irma approaches, I will be safe in The South Florida Command Center..

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

As Hurricane Irma approaches, I will be safe in The South Florida Command Center..

The 90 Miles South Florida Command Center is a secured, inland location with concrete block construction, transparent liquid glass storm windows and lightweight aluminum hurricane panels.

The South Florida Command Center has weathered Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Katrina.

Long lines at the gas stations started 2 days ago with many gas stations already out of gas.

The food stores have been mobbed, empty shelves abound.

With my food storage and redundant water filtration systems, I will be safe and secure.

If I lose power, I will have light and the ability to generate electricity, I will deploy my solar panel array and provide a phone charging station to my neighbors.

If I lose water, I will have ample supply of water and toilet flushing can be accomplished with a bucket of water poured into the toilet from my pre-filled Roman tub.

As long as my internet service and/or cell service holds out, I will be able to blog.

Hurricanes in the northern hemisphere spin in a counter clockwise direction, so on the east coast, you get hit with the strongest winds when the hurricane is below you.

Hurricane Irma is scheduled to hit below me, if that holds true, I will likely lose electricity, and cell phone towers will go silent, roads may be impassable. I will assist and support my neighbors where I can.

Broward County Florida is a Democrat stronghold, I am surrounded by leftists and people of low moral character. These people present a greater danger than the hurricane does.


  1. Texans are ready to assist. Locked & loaded. Gassing up the truck & boat now. Redneck babe is driving.

  2. 'Spent three years in Miami, amongst the "leftists and people of low moral character" while in the military... ...And people think you're concerned about the wind...

    Keep your powder dry...

  3. There are still some good Cubans in the Miami area who are willing to help stand against the Communists.

    1. Absolutely true, many Cubans understand the evil and decay of Communism. Cubans are a hard working, family oriented people. They make great food too!

  4. Watch your six when you leave your FOB to help others. The leaches of society will strike when your back is turned.

  5. "They make great food, too!"
    I don't know; I've never eaten a Cuban. The stores must be even emptier than I thought!

  6. Hoping that you folks survived Irma, and the aftermath.


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