90 Miles From Tyranny : Muslims Angered After Islamic Gang Rape Warnings Posted In UK

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Muslims Angered After Islamic Gang Rape Warnings Posted In UK

A far right British political group published posters warning against Muslim gang rape throughout Worcester, England, prompting condemnation from Muslims and allegations of hate crimes.

The British Renaissance Policy Institute (BRPI), self affiliated with the U.S. alt-right, claimed responsibility for the posters that U.K. police are investigating as a hate crime, according to Worcester News. The Worcester Muslim Welfare Association (WMWA) denounced the posters, which sported Arabic text that said “Protect Children … Fight Grooming Gangs.”

Jack Sen, BRPI’s founder, confirmed that BRPI was responsible and said he was proud of the Worcester members of the group for their efforts.

“I am pleased my men have taken the initiative to do something on their own,” Sen told Worcester News. “The British Renaissance Worcester branch are the ones putting up the signs in Worcester. We have 25 members in Worcester. We had a meeting in Worcester two-and-a-half months ago and encouraged them to protest peacefully and legally.”

“We gave them different ideas. We don’t want them to go into the streets … and behave like a terrorist organization and cause trouble. We have to do it in an aggressive but legal manner. Those (posters) I’m assuming are the leftovers from the British National Party (BNP),” he added.

Mohammed Iqbal, general secretary of the WMWA, said the posters were merely tools of division that served no positive purpose.

“The aim of these posters and using symbols associated with our religion is pure mischievousness and nothing more than to create division between our peace loving community of Worcester,” Iqbal said.

The posters, spread through Worcester over the last two weeks, came in the wake of the arrests of 18 members of a grooming gang in Newcastle. A three year police investigation of the gang, comprised mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims, revealed the members had sexually exploited over 700 women and girls.

U.K. Muslims fear that far right groups like BRPI will use the Newcastle example to fuel anti-Islamic campaigns, but some British politicians say that...

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