90 Miles From Tyranny : DACA Illegals Reject Compromise: Demand Amnesty and More Immigration

Thursday, September 7, 2017

DACA Illegals Reject Compromise: Demand Amnesty and More Immigration

Young illegal immigrants interviewed by Breitbart News outside the White House said they did not want Congress to curb future immigration — even in a compromise to win congressional amnesty and citizenship for themselves and their parents.

“Building a wall can’t stop people coming into different countries … it is a better opportunity for their families,” said Jessica A. who was part of a group from Trinity Washington University in Washington D.C. “I can’t say that needs to stop.”

When asked how many legal immigrants should be annually accepted, she responded: “I can’t give you an answer because it is my people.”

Each year, four million young Americans enter the labor market. But the federal government annually provides green cards to 1 million new legal immigrants and provides temporary work-permit and visas to roughly 2 million foreign workers. Democrats and business groups want to further increase the inflow, but in 2014, GOP voters defeated the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill that would have doubled the immigration numbers and also provided Green Cards to an unlimited number of foreign technology graduates who...

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  1. You made the entire post your title, which is effing up the blog feeds of everyone who links to you with a five inch long wall of text.
    Might want to fix that.

    And thanks for the article post.

  2. Hey Mike;

    Something about those DACA folks...They have more loyalty to the country and culture that their parents left and they claim to not know....funny how that works....


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