90 Miles From Tyranny : Everyone heard that Clinton & DNC funded ‘Trump dossier,’ but now there’s a real bombshell

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Everyone heard that Clinton & DNC funded ‘Trump dossier,’ but now there’s a real bombshell

Could those “Lock her up!” chants fervently sang by Trump supporters come to fruition?

After the explosive report that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign were involved in funding and dispersing the debunked Trump dossier, legal action is underway.

Clinton and her camp had denied knowing anything about the origins of the salacious dossier that was designed to discredit then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In Clinton’s book “What Happened” she discusses the dossier as if a “well-respected” spy had come up with the salacious details on his own.

In the summer of 2016, according to the Washington Post, the FBI convinced a special Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that there was probable cause to believe that Trump advisor Carter Page was acting as a Russian agent, and they received a warrant to monitor his communications. 
The FBI also began investigating a dossier prepared by a well-respected former British spy that contained explosive and salacious allegations about compromising information the Russians had on Trump. The Intelligence Community took the dossier seriously enough that it briefed both President Obama and President Elect Trump on its contents before the inauguration.
Since the Clinton campaign has admitted to funding the dossier her statement is either one of ignorance, or a flat-out lie.

It turns out, not only did the Clinton camp know it wasn’t a...
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Bluesman said...

If anything comes out of this I will be surprised.