90 Miles From Tyranny : There Were No Snowflakes In 1900...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

There Were No Snowflakes In 1900...


  1. That is more challenging that a Marine Corps training course.

  2. Look closely, he's on a swing. You can see the eye books at the top.

  3. You are incorrect. There were then, and always, snowflakes. Prior to, say the 1990's, perhaps, children were allowed to handle snowflakes, even rich kids. Now they are so protected every kid wants to be one (normal, average, and below average kids anyway). It's the easy way to success without work. Elites want it, it guarantees no or little competition, destroying those who are talented through social mob rule. Go to any college, test the gifted who don't go along. Watch them get pushed out.


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