90 Miles From Tyranny : CONFESSIONS OF A CONGRESSIONAL STAFFER: “After Tariff Announcement Mueller Ordered To Escalate Trump Investigation”

Monday, March 5, 2018

CONFESSIONS OF A CONGRESSIONAL STAFFER: “After Tariff Announcement Mueller Ordered To Escalate Trump Investigation”

The following are the insights and opinions of a former senior congressional staffer who is now enjoying what he calls the “…happy uncertainty of a self-imposed semi-retirement.” He spent nearly eleven years working on Capitol Hill, arriving there shortly before Barack Obama became president, and then leaving shortly after Donald Trump succeeded him. His extended family’s ties to prior administrations go back decades – at the highest levels. 

Now approaching middle-age, (ancient by D.C. staffer standards) and despite all that time in the belly of the “D.C. beast” he still manages to look younger than his years. He’s quick to laugh, slow to anger, and enjoys the occasional (and most often inappropriate) joke while also being an occasional (and always highly valued) D.C. Whispers’ source. 

His contact list is an impressive whos-who of D.C. power players (a benefit of his political pedigree of which he readily admits he had nothing to do with) including both active and retired politicians, staffers, and (too many) lobbyists. (He feels most lobbyists are decent people working in what he calls an epically f*cked up system.) He has attended two inauguration balls, four Congressional retreats, (to which he says members of Congress drink – a lot) and seven State of the Union addresses.

He’s also good friends with a since-departed network news/entertainment television talent who has been more than willing of late to spill the goods on any number of subjects and says he might be convinced to share some of those stories here as well.

First and foremost, though, is his deepening concern over what is taking place in the city he used to call home, Washington D.C., and the country he loves – America.

“Word is that Mueller has been given the green light to go after the Trump family directly. All business interests, the entire Trump empire, is to be turned upside down under the guise of investigating campaign financing during the 2016 Election. This was sort of danced around before, a few soft inquiries, etc. After the tariff announcement, though, (which surprised some of the President’s own staff) Mueller has been ordered to go all out on digging into the Trump financials directly. 

“That is Trump’s Achilles heel. His children. Mueller will now be allowed, with the full support and power of the Deep State, to pull them into the investigation with far greater intensity/scrutiny than what we’ve already seen over...

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Anonymous White Male said...

So......who ORDERED Mueller. If we knew that, the revolution could be short and sweet.