90 Miles From Tyranny : Frowny faces at MSNBC and CNN reluctantly heap praise on jobs numbers

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Frowny faces at MSNBC and CNN reluctantly heap praise on jobs numbers

People vote their pocketbooks. That’s the old saw. The more money they have, and the better the economy appears, the better it will be for the party in power.

If you’re a stereotypical member of the mainstream media, that means you received some terrible news today. The jobs numbers came in, they’re very, very strong, and it’s almost impossible to make a non-ridiculous argument that they’re not directly related to Trump’s presidency. Oh sure, there are a few talking heads who are still trying to claim this is all Obama’s doing, but they sound more and more asinine by the second.

If you’re a major media figure who was desperately hoping for a “blue wave,” today’s report is nothing short of a disaster.

Maybe that’s why, when betrothed co-host Joe Scarborough reports the data, Mika Brzezinski looks like someone shot her dog…

...And maybe that’s why CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Christine Romans look so down in the dumps.

The fact is, if we continue to see these sorts of numbers, the “blue wave” (which is already in danger of being nothing more than a ripple) is going to turn into an undertow.

Democrats and their media allies have railed against every one of Trump’s economic policies. November is a long way away but, if they’re still fighting this success when the midterms...Read More HERE

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  1. The one thing you can bet on is that the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill will do their best to turn this around before November, because they would rather be out of a job than let President Trump remain in office. And they will have the full help of the Deep State in this process, including the Federal Reserve.


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