90 Miles From Tyranny : Self Defense Is A Human Right..

Monday, March 5, 2018

Self Defense Is A Human Right..

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2nd Amendment Math For Libtards...

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  1. IF we had a Constitutional Republic in force, than there would be no need to address this because the gov't is FORBIDDEN from infringing on our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS,... as enumerated in The Bill Of Rights. The 2nd Article of The Bill Of Rights, specifically states that we Americans can own and/or carry weapons without infringement,.. which means we do NOT need gov't permission of any form, that includes background checks, nor can the "gov't" even begin to broach the subject of bump stocks for firearms,... if your an American,.. YOU ARE PERMITTED TO OWN ANY FIREARM AS YOU SEE FIT, AND IF YOU WISH TO CARRY THEM ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME,.. THAT IS ALSO YOUR RIGHT WHICH THE GOV'T HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO SAY OVER. Otherwise just admit they can come to your home knock down your door, take whatever they want, and even kill you if they want.


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