90 Miles From Tyranny : Islamic Advocacy Group Sues Over Truthfully Brutal Trump Terrorism Report

Friday, April 13, 2018

Islamic Advocacy Group Sues Over Truthfully Brutal Trump Terrorism Report

A pair of anti-Trump organizations — one of which advocates on behalf of Muslims within the United States — have filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s administration over a terrorism report released earlier this year that they assert is “misleading” and possibly in violation of federal law.

According to The Washington Times, the lawsuit was filed by Democracy Forward and Muslim Advocates over a report jointly issued by the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice which revealed that nearly three out of every four individuals convicted of terrorism-related offenses in the U.S. since 2001 were foreign-born.

The primary complaint from the groups is that the report “inaccurately” focused on Islamic terrorism and “misleadingly inflates the threat (Muslims) pose to the United States,” while at the same time ignoring cases of domestic terror committed by non-Muslims.

They further took issue with the way the report has been used as a basis by the Trump administration to support some of their immigration reform proposals, such as the temporary travel ban that has been wrongly characterized by the anti-Trump media as a “Muslim ban.”

“The report perpetuates the ongoing stigmatization of immigrants and Muslims by the administration,” the groups stated. “For example, the Trump administration has used the report to justify its sweeping ban on the entry of nationals from six Muslim-majority countries into the United States. It has also specifically tied the report’s findings to its calls for an end to the issuance of diversity and family reunification visas, which would have a significant negative impact on...Read More HERE

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