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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Kristallnacht for fun and adventure

After the release of the DoJ I.G. report, Andrew McCabe's feelings are genuinely hurt. He never expected his glittering career to end this way. He played the game the way he thought it had to be played, and that took him to the penultimate rung on the FBI ladder. Now at the very end, his career gets snuffed.

It just ain't fair.

McCabe seems to sincerely believe he's done nothing wrong. The lies, the back-stabbings, the double-crosses, the framing innocent men, the using government resources to advantage your favorite, the undercutting of the Constitution, on and on. To most of us, that sort of stuff is cheating. It's breaking the law. It's immoral and unethical.

To Andrew McCabe, it's "doing my job."

McCabe suffers from the same delusional reality syndrome that afflicts lefties generally. He and Comey and others – apparently a lot of others, with most of them in the Department of Justice and the FBI – really do think their watery Marxism is morally superior to the system of individual rights and the procedural guarantees that have developed over the centuries to protect those rights.

Actually, it isn't Marxism, but Leninism. Marx's idea was that the proles would all get fed up at the same time, and, like spontaneous combustion, revolution would erupt and sweep across the country. That kind of action wasn't fast enough for the impatient Lenin, so he came up with the notion of the vanguard of the revolution, meaning a leadership cadre that ran things. Elites. A group to whom the rules and laws didn't apply – only party discipline. These guys did largely as they pleased.

When you think about it, that's exactly what Nazism was. Theoretically, all this is perfectly clear. You know in advance there will be resistance, so you use the powers of government to undermine that resistance. You draw its adherents into the streets and beat the living tar out of them, to intimidate the rest. Their guys go to jail; your guys patch up their wounds and move on to the next riot street fight, blaming it on the other side. Kristallnacht for fun and adventure.

We're reliving the 20th century almost in lockstep. Just over a hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks threw their noose around the Russian neck. It took a bloody civil war to subdue the resistance and then another decade or so to get the vanguard in line. The Nazis learned from the Bolsheviks and did as much in advance, under the cover of law, as they could. Their people, like Andrew McCabe and James Comey and Barack Obama and George Soros, just knew they had the moral high ground, being so smart and all.

Besides, it's just so much fun being an elite, getting away with...

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