90 Miles From Tyranny : Proof Tools Do Not Animate And Kill People...

Friday, April 13, 2018

Proof Tools Do Not Animate And Kill People...


  1. Some will try to tell you it is the tech (heating, cooling, and energy availability). Others will try to tell you it is the people, IQ, etc. The only people who play a real role in the difference? Politicians. Although Switzerland, and the rest of Europe, seem to be choosing those types of politicians, if they are going about it a different way. Eventually Switzerland will have to make a choice. Take all the guns or remove those who have to be shot. Hopefully, if the people have any power, they will look at the Honduras, or even Chicago and think very carefully.

    Then again, even with most Americans pro-gun, we are at great risk of politicians completely ignoring our will, judicially, legislatively, and/or through presidential writ. Don't even doubt it.

    1. Europeans in large part aren't choosing their politicians, the politicians are choosing themselves. Most countries now have what are effectively minority governments, with those politicians (across parties) who receive the most votes (meaning those who are opposed to the EU, mass migration, and government overreach) being deliberately side tracked, and legally so, by the election systems in those countries.

      And the EU itself of course isn't ruled by an elected body at all, but by the self appointed "European Council", whose members select their own replacements without any input from the electorate at all, and to whom the elected "European Parliament" which is made up largely of politicians superfluous to their member states, is merely an advisory body.

    2. The problem with what you suggest is the ratio. How many politicians, plus enforcement, compared to the population? While which politicians are chosen might be a problem, choosing to obey is a choice. It reminds me of when Jews went along with their capture, travel, and extermination. I don't blame their murders alone, not zero sum. Same with Europeans now.


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