90 Miles From Tyranny : DNC Bombshell: Stormy Daniels Lawyer, Michael Avenatti Is A Hillary Clinton Plant

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

DNC Bombshell: Stormy Daniels Lawyer, Michael Avenatti Is A Hillary Clinton Plant

DNC Bombshell: Michael Avenatti Is A Hillary Clinton Plant

Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti have a secret “special relationship” with both Hillary Clinton and the DNC, according to a new investigation.

The bombshell revelation calls into question everything we’ve been told by the mainstream media.

According to FBI agent Johnathon Moffa, the FBI leaked bogus news stories to mainstream media outlets, then used those published articles as evidence to obtain illegal FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his associates.

It’s called “circular reporting.” The dirty FBI under the direction of James Comey leaks fake news, which, in this case, was parts of the bogus Trump-Russia dossier. They waited as the press published articles, then used those articles as “proof” in their FISA applications, claiming it was the necessary evidence to approve their request and convincing the judge to issue the FISA warrants. See how all that works?

Now, what if, also behind the scenes, you have Stormy Daniels working with the DNC and Hillary Clinton way back in 2016? And, what if their “go-between” was none other than Daniels’ attorney Michael Avanetti, way back before anyone knew his name and before he was officially Daniels’ attorney?

Michael Avenatti is a plant by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and his handlers are sisters named Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa. The Chalupas are DNC operatives linked to pro-Ukranian groups who also are the team who set-up Paul Manafort. The sisters’ job is to leak fake news to smear President Donald Trump, and Andrea mentioned a “sex tape” and Paul Manfort way back in July 2017.

On July 2, 2017, Andrea Chalupa tweeted, “Same sources told me last years Manafort was under federal investigation and there was a Trump sex tape. I mentioned both on Twitter before news broke.”
Then, we have a picture of Michael Avenatti with Alexandra Chalupa from way back in 2016. Do you see what is going on here? All along, Avenatti was working with the DNC, the Chalupas, and Hillary Clinton — long before anyone knew anything about this porn star Stormy Daniels. Pictured below is Michael Avenatti with Alexandra Chalupa. She is to Avenatti’s right:
Twitter user “Miss Me” sums it up best, posting, “Makes sense when folks understand Alexandra Chalupa wasn’t just Clinton’s princess to plant at DNC to scream ‘Russia,’ she designed multiple Trump opposition plans and now, voila stripper team unite.”

Now, we have the porn lawyer running around at the DNC conference, claiming he’s running for president. Sure, it’s a joke, but who is mentioned helping him? Yep, none other than Alexandra Chalupa.

Bloomberg reports, “Adam Parkhomenko, a former DNC staffer who was the co-founder of Ready for Hillary, which encouraged Clinton to run before 2016, helped connect [Avenatti] with reporters at...Read More HERE

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