90 Miles From Tyranny : The Violent Left Says They Want a Civil War: Antifa Forming A ‘Red Army’

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Monday, September 3, 2018

The Violent Left Says They Want a Civil War: Antifa Forming A ‘Red Army’

A year ago, John Boch wrote about the left’s civil war heating up in America. Since then, Antifa and company continue their armed marches against freedom and liberty. Initially, Antifa groups got away scot-free, beating Trump supporters bloody while, of course, calling them fascists and Nazis. More recently though, Antifa’s masked thugs have been the ones suffering the thumpings in direct confrontations.In response, radicals have ramped up their efforts to form what they’re calling a “Red Army.” Why? To “annihilate” their enemies, of course.

Really. From one of the Red Guards Austin manifestos, posted August 19th and still online:
Oppose the Counterfeit! Antifascism Must Take On a Paramilitary Character!

…The fact that no fascists were harmed in the making of this “counter-protest” only proves that the main organizers have no stomach for antifascism—for us antifascism is concrete—it does not mean simply voicing a disagreement it means stopping fascists in their tracks and hurting their efforts to the point where they stop organizing.

…On the basis of our principled united front work, fascists and their collaborators can be drowned out, run out, routed, beaten bloody, and even annihilated. These are our principles and we aim to hold them to the very finish.

The twisted minds of these radical leftists view their unlawful, unprovoked violence against their political enemies as self-defense. In reality, their “self-defense” looks a whole lot like textbook fascism. In other words, using force and violence to suppress opposing points of view.

One thing seems perfectly clear. If the authorities do not stop and prosecute this sort of political violence, peace-loving American gun owners will. The will have no choice but to...
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These vermin are following Lenin's advice - paraphrased from memory. "Advance. If you meet flesh, advance. If you meet steel, withdraw."

These Communist filth need to meet steel. And double-tapped thoracic surgery.

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