90 Miles From Tyranny : A Thank You To The First Lady....

Friday, November 30, 2018

A Thank You To The First Lady....

Gorgeous, Just Gorgeous....


  1. It really is amazing how we have a beautiful, glamorous, articulate First Lady who not only loves America but is herself an immigrant yet the Fake News Media refuses to even bother an interview. Pathetic. Yet we are still forced to see pictures of that half wookie.

    1. You mean the Half Wookie that looks like she may be a serious contender in 2020? Rather vote for full Bigfoot myself.

  2. House and Garden TV (HGTV) will have a special "White House Christmas 2018" on Sunday, Dec 9th at 6pm Eastern. Last year they did the same and it is well worth it to catch their coverage. They showed how the arrangements were made, the arrival of many of the big elements, and also showcased our First Lady. Well worth it.

    They also are the only channel that covers the Rose Parade and actually talks about the darned flowers on the float.


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