90 Miles From Tyranny : Feminists Charge $500 For ‘Heal From Internalized Whiteness’ Seminar

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Feminists Charge $500 For ‘Heal From Internalized Whiteness’ Seminar

With admission averaging at only $475, Everyday Feminism is offering readers the opportunity to attend “Heal From Internalized Whiteness” seminars where they can learn to identify racism in their daily lives.

The website for the seminar, led by Everyday Feminism founder Sandra Kim, claims that white people are stepping forward in record numbers to combat racism due to the election of President Donald Trump.

However, many of these anti-Trump whites may be “unconsciously acting in racist ways.”

These misguided souls have the opportunity to pay Everyday Feminism up to $600 so they might “connect to the pain of internalized white supremacy and consciously choose to not act in racist way.”

Those who pay to attend will learn, among other things, “how to notice when your internalized whiteness is manifesting – even if you’re unconscious to it,” and maybe most importantly, “how to loosen the grip of internalized whiteness on you – even if you feel overwhelmed”.

Attendees will also learn “how to talk to other white folks” about racism, including how to guide other people into the conversation. They will also be given a guide on how to engage in self talk.

Ironically, the course appears to be available exclusively to whites, though Everyday Feminism is considering launching a version of the seminar available exclusively for “people of color who work with white folks.”

Tickets begin at $350 for those making less than...Read More HERE

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