90 Miles From Tyranny : Germany's Merkel faces mass protest in Chemnitz even as police censor latest rape

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Germany's Merkel faces mass protest in Chemnitz even as police censor latest rape

A German woman is said to have been attacked in a hallway and repeatedly raped in the city of Chemnitz this week. The news was censored ahead of Chancellor Merkel's visit.

The Criminal Investigation Department has taken over the investigation, but so far the media has not reported on the terrible deed. The process has been classified by the police as off-limits to the media, according to David Berger from the blog Philosophia Perennis.

On Tuesday November 13 at 9 pm, a woman with severe visual impairment is said to have been in the hallway of an apartment building in the Sonnenberg district. The alleged migrant perpetrator had lurked there. When the disabled woman arrived, the 38 year old assaulted and raped the victim twice. The Syrian asylum seeker then the fled the scene.

David Berger approached the police in Chemnitz wanting to know who the alleged victim is, whether the alleged perpetrator is still on the run and why there was no press release from the police.

Andrzej Rydzik, the deputy spokesman of the police department of Chemnitz confirmed investigations into the alleged rape to Berlin weekly Junge Freiheit. “For investigative tactical reasons and above all for reasons of victim protection, there was no mention in any of our media information,” said Rydzik. “The suspect is known.”

The news of the rape was censored ahead of the Chancellor is visiting the city, which was once again rocked by protest. People had taken to the streets of the German city of Chemnitz on Friday to rally against the government’s migration policy and to demand that Chancellor Angela Merkel step down.

The Friday rally was organised by the Pro Chemnitz movement, with protesters chanting “No truth in Merkel’s propaganda” and “Merkel must go”. According to a Sputnik correspondent’s estimate, the rally numbered some 1500 people. On Twitter the same number was noted.

“There is a European solution — that is the Dublin agreement [stipulating that asylum seekers must be processed in the country of their first arrival]. Merkel failed to implement it, in contrast, she made it invalid,” one of the speakers told the cheering crowd.

In an attempt to smear conservatives and anti-immigrationists, Merkel engaged in what she called a “civil dialogue” by ironically excluding her critics from the debate.

She then fraudulently claimed that the feeling of insecurity was only “subjective” and was not supported by any police data. But an annual report — Criminality in the Context of Migration [Kriminalität im Kontext von Zuwanderung] — published by the Federal Criminal Police Office [Bundeskriminalamt, BKA] on April 27 revealed an increase of nearly 500 percent in migrant sex crimes during the past four years. Those are defined as sexual assaults as well as rapes and sexual abuse of children. While spouting off about “dialogue” Merkel herself appeared totally unwilling to engage with her political opponents, branding them as...

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