90 Miles From Tyranny : Bad Scouting Year For The Dimocrats...

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bad Scouting Year For The Dimocrats...

Bless Their Hearts...


  1. The tribe has NO problem with any of these. Nor do ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers.

    And the hive dwellers will eat up whatever they are fed. Do you STILL not understand???

  2. I am confused still. can anyone explain why shooting them is off the table? in the realm of problem resolution it is an effective solution they won't come back tomorrow. governments do it all the time. why should they not get the same? seriously, given enough time one could make the same moral argument that the government uses to remove disruptive social forces from our midst. these people will eventually cause great harm to the country and would it not justify removing them before that harm is done and call it quits at that? or should one proceed with ridding the public of the voters who elected them, which is the real source of the issue? where do you stop? I guess that is the answer I am looking for; not when do we start but more when do we stop. not having a valid stopping point, it is logical to not start shooting. But, hey; we're talking politics here, aren't we?


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