90 Miles From Tyranny : That Moment When...

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Friday, January 25, 2019

That Moment When...


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capt fast said...

Say! have you noticed that that congress woman occasionally-cotexed now has a handler to keep her from sounding like her old self? noticed the black woman who is at her elbow every waking moment?it looks as though her entertainment value is going away.
And, have you noticed her upscale wardrobe she is now sporting? perhaps her handler should try to dress her after she removes the 'DRESS FOR LESS' price tags, as the one on the bottom of her right shoe shows well when she crosses her legs for the cameras. Perhaps she no longer purchases clothing for out in public but like hollywood cows is "loaned" clothing by upscale designers made just for her. maybe the tags on the clothing are merely inventory tags so she knows who to return the rags to.