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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Yes, MAGA Hats Symbolize Something. But Not Hate.

By now much of America has seen the images of teenage boys in “Make America Great Again” hats milling near a chanting Native American elder.

Initially, the boys were condemned by the left and the right. More video of the incident, however, revealed the boys were not the instigators.

After that hasty condemnation, some high-profile figures actually had the grace to apologize for their rush to judgment about the boys from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky and their encounter Friday with Nathan Phillips, 64, on the National Mall.

When actress Jamie Lee Curtis issued an olive branch, hoping for something as noncontroversial as finding “common ground,” some of her left-leaning followers went nuts.

Journalist and author Victoria Brownworth called Curtis’ apology “terribly disappointing.”

“DID YOU MISS THE MAGA HATS?” Brownworth asked.
When it became clear that the white, Trump-supporting teenagers could not be blamed for the incident on the Mall, the left tried to heap some level of responsibility on the boys for wearing those MAGA hats.

Throughout the Twitterverse, otherwise intelligent adults are pointing to the hats as confirmation that the boys 1) were asking for trouble and 2) are racists.

We do believe that #MAGA and the MAGA hats represent something. Wearing the MAGA hat is not a neutral act. But the left’s “Resist” movement once again is completely missing the point.

It’s not a symbol of racism. It’s actually the right’s symbol of resistance to leftist intolerance.

A perfect example of the left’s missing the mark is actress and activist Alyssa Milano, who tweeted:

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Kye said...

I do not currently own a MAGA hat. Today I'm going to Patriot Depot and purchase one. Fuck'em.