90 Miles From Tyranny : Fresh Protests in Chemnitz after another Muslim migrant stabs another German...

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Fresh Protests in Chemnitz after another Muslim migrant stabs another German...

The attack in which an 18-year-old Syrian stabbed a 41-year-old German man with a knife has ignited fresh protests in Chemnitz.

A fight had broken out during a Muslim community street festival on June 8, after a local group, Pro Chemnitz, held a BBQ event nearby, according to local daily Freie Presse.

Hundreds of anti-immigration protesters took to the streets of the city in eastern Germany to protest against the violence.

Police said they were investigating charges of dangerous assault in which a German man sustained a hand injury after a stabbing.

The argument between four men in Chemnitz escalated on Saturday, and the 41-year-old was injured in the hand, the police confirmed on Sunday. There had been a verbal confrontation in the city center between the two groups.

According to police, an 18-year-old Syrian then pulled a knife and stabbed the 41-year-old German. The injured man was taken to hospital and an investigation on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury was launched by law enforcement.

After a report about the stabbing had spread in social media, two rallies took place in the center of Chemnitz on Sunday afternoon. According to police, some 110 people participated in it. There were no crimes reported, the authorities said.

On Saturday in the city center, during an “Interkulturelles Zuckerfest”, some 400 participants had called “for the closure of all slaughterhouses”. At the same time, a rally called “Pork – Pro Chemnitz” was held, were participants grilled whole animals as well as animal heads.

There is however no direct connection between the incident on Saturday evening and the previous meetings, the police said on Sunday, as no offenses had been registered.

During a festival celebrating the city’s founding in 2018, a fight broke out resulting in the death of a Cuban-German man and serious injuries to two other people. Two Kurdish immigrants, one Iraqi, and one Syrian were detained as suspects. The death ignited tensions surrounding immigration to Germany, which had been ongoing since...

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