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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Woke Capitalism: Big Business Pushing Social Justice Issues

Some of the top brands are now pushing social justice themes as part of their products and advertising. Not content with selling their products to a wide variety of people, big businesses now try to sell something else: Social justice. They want you to get woke when you pull out your wallet.

The businesses apparently don’t care about upsetting a large portion of their customers.
Budweiser’s LGBT Beer Cups

Budweiser UK tweeted images of beer cups in colors representing the different identities in the LGBT movement. The company is sponsoring the Pride festival this month in London. Categories for the cups include genderfluid, non-binary, asexual, intersex, pan, bi and transgender.

Magenta is for same-gender attraction, blue is for attraction to genders other than your own, and lavender (a mix of the two) represents attraction to your own and other genders, though some interpret it differently. pic.twitter.com/BRWeTo2C5j
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Nike hired controversial NFL star Colin Kaepernick for its ads. He enraged many in the country by starting the practice of kneeling during the national anthem at football games. In the ad, he says not to ask “if your dreams are crazy, but if your dreams are crazy enough.” Since the controversy, Kaepernick has been unable to get any team to...

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Feraldog said...

Saw a toilet paper commercial last night that was pandering to the homos. The joke mill was working overtime after seeing two guys smiling at each other over their favorite asswipe.