90 Miles From Tyranny : Left-Wing Pundit Compares Biden’s Record To Dog Vomit In USA Today

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Left-Wing Pundit Compares Biden’s Record To Dog Vomit In USA Today

Progressive commentator Sally Kohn, a frequent face on CNN, wrote a column for USA Today Thursday morning comparing Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s record to dog vomit.

Liberals are coming after Biden hard as Biden’s Democrat rivals scramble to bolster their name ID to take on the establishment Democrat, with David Axelrod even mocking his attempt to celebrate Best Friends Day on Twitter with Barack Obama. Biden is a prime target for his opponents’ barbs in Iowa, where a poll shows him leading the field with 24 percent support, eight points ahead of Bernie Sanders.

Kohn writes:

“Yesterday, my dog threw up. I was down on the ground, trying to clean it up, when she threw up again. And then stepped in it.

Dogs get sick and make mistakes, just like people. But especially in the case of adult humans, we hope that we spend more time cleaning up our messes than making them. Yet Joe Biden keeps stepping in it.

Anyone who has paid attention knows I’m not a big fan of the corporate centrist candidate from the great banking state of Delaware. But I swear, I have been all along and remain willing to not only vote for Biden but enthusiastically campaign for and support him if he...

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