90 Miles From Tyranny : Chinese Admiral: Solve South China Sea Dispute By Sinking Navy Aircraft Carriers

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Chinese Admiral: Solve South China Sea Dispute By Sinking Navy Aircraft Carriers

Rear Admiral Lou Yuan, deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, has told an audience in Shenzhen that the ongoing disputes over the ownership of the East and South China Seas could be resolved by sinking two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

Admiral Lou gave a wide-ranging speech on the state of Sino-U.S. relations. As reported by New Zealand Herald, the high-profile, hawkish military commentator reportedly declared the current trade spat was “definitely not simply friction over economics and trade,” but was instead a “prime strategic issue”.

His speech, delivered on Dec. 20 to the 2018 Military Industry List summit, declared that China’s new and highly capable anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles were more than capable of hitting U.S. Navy carriers, despite them being at the centre of a ‘bubble’ of defensive escorts.

“What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” Admiral Lou declared.

He said the loss of one super carrier would cost the U.S. the lives of 5000 service men and women. Sinking two would double that toll.

“We’ll see how frightened America is.”

In his speech, he said there were ‘five cornerstones of the United States’ open to exploitation: their military, their money, their talent, their voting system — and their fear of adversaries.
Admiral Lou, who holds an academic military rank — not a service role — said China should “use its strength to attack the enemy’s shortcomings. Attack wherever the enemy is afraid of being hit. Wherever the enemy is weak …”

The U.S. Navy 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, USS Nimitz (CVN 68), USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), USS George Washington (CVN 73), USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) and USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), are the largest warships in the world, each designed for an approximately 50-year service life with just a single mid-life refueling. The next generation of aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford-class (CVN 78) was ordered in September 2008 as the force structure replacement for USS Enterprise (CVN 65), which inactivated in 2012.

The typical air wing aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier consists of:

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Peteforester said...

“We’ll see how frightened America is.”

If you're waiting for us to blink, I hope you're not holding your breath...

Obama created people like this...

Spin said...

"We have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve." Yamato. We can have this chiseled on your tombstone.

Charlie said...

I think the proper response would be 'bring it bitch'.

Why does it seem that once in a while these third world countries tend to get a bit big for their britches?

Mac said...

This guy is supposed to be some kind of military expert? I guess he was asleep the day they taught history. Someone needs to tell him to go talk to the Japanese so he can ask them how the brilliant plan of Perl harbor worked out for them.

Jeffery in Alabama said...

Sinking two U.S. aircraft carriers would result in the serving of several "super-sized" kiloton sandwiches to various Chinese cities. If I were admiral Louie, I wouldn't risk it.

Chris. said...

Yamato was the Battleship.

Isoroku Yamamoto was the Admiral.