90 Miles From Tyranny : Obama FBI knew 90% of Steele dossier was false in 2017 but used it anyway to spy on Trump aides, report

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Obama FBI knew 90% of Steele dossier was false in 2017 but used it anyway to spy on Trump aides, report

Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed that in 2017, the Obama FBI knew that 90% or more of Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier was unverified and contained bogus claims, but they used it anyway to obtain sham FISA warrants to illegally spy on Trump campaign officials.

“They knew that 90%, if not more, of the dossier that was used as the bulk of information for the FISA application were debunked. They used it anyway,” Hannity said.

“The FBI kept a spreadsheet with information showing the dossier to be full of false claims — 90% unverifiable. The DOJ was warned that Steele hated Trump, the dossier is unverified, and also that Hilary paid for it, but they want ahead and used it anyway.”

The revelations were uncovered by investigative reporter John Solomon, who writes for The Hill.

“That is 100% accurate, Sean,” Solomon said. “It took until 2019 for the American public to get a definitive answer, when the Mueller report came out. But in early 2017, the FBI had begun a significant effort to assess the credibility of the Steele dossier. And here’s what they found: They interviewed one of its primary sources — a Russian living in the West — and they came to the assessment after the interview, which I believe was in January-February of 2017, that he was either intentionally misleading Steele or exaggerating in ways that caused Steele’s report to be grossly inaccurate.”

Solomon continued: “They then took every factual statement in the Steele dossier, put them in a spreadsheet and analyzed them. They came to conclude that the vast majority of them were either wrong or unverifiable despite all the intelligence the FBI had. That is the quality of what they had. And why is that significant? At the time, [the Obama FBI] were continuing to represent to the FISA Court that Christopher Steele was...

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Unknown said...

Hang every last one involved in this charade. Do not pass go, no prison time, not even a 'life' sentence. Hang them by the neck until dead. Then incinerate the bodies. Remove and delete every memorialized reference to such persons. Strip their estates of every penny of every pension. Spouse and minor children receive government stipulated living allowance revocable if any of them commit or conspire to commit a felony crime. In that case, their criminal sentencing should carry a special consideration that they were once associated with the aforementioned treasonous scum.

Stop playing games, utterly and completely restore the rule of law. Too bad it has gotten so far that examples must be made. But that is the price for creating a two-tiered justice system under the rule of men.