90 Miles From Tyranny : Say It Again!, Say It Again!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Say It Again!, Say It Again!

Can You Feel The Freedom?


Doom said...

Right. And way too many are in the wrong hands. No bureaucrat, from the FBI to forest ranger to postal swat should be armed. Let them call the cops like the rest of us. And enforce a complete stoppage of U.S. military from running drills in civvy land, ghettoes would be the one allowance. Oh, and execute any CIA agent caught working alone or with Google, etc., if caught working U.S. soil against the will of the people, including through dis/misinformation campaigns, judicial blackmail control, or literally any other domestic ops.

Stevearinob said...

Imagine that, there has not been 500 million mass shootings!

ObozoMustGo said...

Only 46%? We Americans have more work to do!