90 Miles From Tyranny : The Story Of The Snake and The Foolish Frogs :

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Story Of The Snake and The Foolish Frogs :

Once a snake who had grown weak with old age came across a pond where many frogs lived with their king, queen and little prince. The snake had not eaten for many days. He tried to catch some of the frogs, but was too weak to catch any of them. “I will have to think of some solution or I will soon die," the snake thought.

Just then he saw the frog prince and his friends. They were busy in their game and did not notice the snake. When they came very close, one of them saw the snake and jumped up, “Oh, a snake," he shouted in fear. All of them ran for their lives. But when the snake did not move, the frog prince went up to it. The snake still did not move. “Let me see if he is dead?" said the frog prince and knocked on the snake’s head and jumped away quickly.

The snake slowly opened its eyes and said, “Do not worry. I will not get angry no matter what you do."

The frogs were very surprised. “I once bit a sage’s son," explained the snake. “The sage got angry and cursed me that I would carry frogs on my back for the rest of my life."

Hearing this, the frog prince jumped up with joy. “Then I will ride on your back," he said. So the frog prince jumped on top of the snake and commanded, “Take me to my parents."

The king and the queen were amazed at the sight. “Father, look, I am riding a snake," shouted the prince. “Let us also ride the snake," the queen urged the frog king. So they all sat on the snake.

“You are moving very slowly," complained the prince. “What can I do," answered the snake sadly. “I have not eaten for several days."

“Why have you not eaten? The royal mount should be fast and strong," said the king.

“I can eat only with your permission," answered the snake.

“Your subjects are my food."

“How can I permit you to eat us?" asked the king.

“Not the royal frogs," explained the snake. “I cannot permit you to eat my subjects," said the frog king.

The prince was upset and cried. “Father, please permit him. I don’t want to loose him."

Even the queen spoke up. “Do permit the snake. How many frogs can he eat anyway? We have many subjects."

At last the king had to grant permission. The snake began to eat many frogs every day. Soon he was very strong and healthy. Now, he moved very quickly. The prince was thrilled to ride a snake that moved so fast.

One day the snake went to the frog king. “I am hungry O king. There are no more frogs left in the pond. So now I am going to cat you all."

And the wicked snake pounced on all the three royal frogs and ate them up.

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