90 Miles From Tyranny : Al Qaeda Terrorists With Fake Colombian Passports Arrested in Dallas

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Al Qaeda Terrorists With Fake Colombian Passports Arrested in Dallas

The individuals will be charged with membership in a terrorist organization.

Three Syrian nationals were arrested on Thursday in Dallas, Texas for their membership in the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, according to reporting from Colombian news outlet RCN.

It appears that Al Raefee, Tuameh Tuameh, and Al Harari Al Harari infiltrated the United States with their use of fake Colombian passports. The Syrian nationals first arose on the radar of American authorities when they applied for travel visas from Colombia, as their suspicious documents gave them away.

The report indicates that American authorities detected a fraud when the fake passports’ birth dates failed to match up with the identification numbers used by the Colombian government.

The Colombian news report doesn’t specify how the al-Qaeda linked Syrians entered federal custody. Their Colombian documentation does appear to indicate that they entered Colombia from Venezuela, an unstable socialist nation with some tenuous connections to Middle Eastern criminal groups and malignant actors.

It’s also entirely unclear how the American government deduced that the three strangely-named individuals were Syrian nationals or connected to al Qaeda.

CNN International’s Luis Carlos Velez obtained imagery of their fake passports.

Three members obtained Colombian passports to enter the US. The American Embassy identified them when they applied for US visas. They entered Colombia through La Guajira and allegedly came from Venezuela
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It’s unclear what the al-Qaeda linked men planned on doing when arriving in the United States. Criminal elements and illegal immigrants have sought to use bogus...

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