90 Miles From Tyranny : WATCH: Armed Thugs Drive 100 Miles to Harass a Patriot at His Home Because He Visited Virginia Capitol

Thursday, January 23, 2020

WATCH: Armed Thugs Drive 100 Miles to Harass a Patriot at His Home Because He Visited Virginia Capitol

The tyranny in Virginia out of control.

A patriot who plans to attend tomorrow’s gun rights rally in Virginia was stalked and harassed by law enforcement at his own home in Pennsylvania on Saturday morning.

The patriot, identified by his wife as George Wagner, became a person of interest to the armed thugs after he visited the Virginia Capitol to gauge the situation as it was unfolding. His wife posted the video on her Facebook account.

“George was not the only person on Capitol grounds that day. He was not the only person taking pictures either. But George’s size and stature coupled with his purposeful actions made him a target for a dry run on Red Flag laws on a citizen of Virginia,” Kay Williams Wagner explained.

“The two officers had their hand on their weapons when my husband stepped out the door to greet them,” she added.

Wagner had a tense encounter with law enforcement, and he did not take kindly to their show of intimidation against him.

“I am a citizen of the United States, and I understand that we have an unconstitutional 2nd Amendment a**hole governor who is taking away our rights,” the patriot explained to the thugs who showed up at his door.

“So the reason that we are here is we got a tip that somebody was coming down to the Capitol, and there was video footage of you at the Capitol walking around the Capitol which appeared to be checking into structures… and just getting a general surrounding of the Capitol and seeing what’s going on,” the armed thug explained.

The patriot laughed in his face, and defended his position. They implied he was a violent threat because he knocked on pillars near the Capitol.

He explained: “I walked the Capitol as a free citizen and a free man because I am going to attend the rally and because I wanted...

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  1. What stupidity. Never,never, never speak with any Leos without a lawyer. Tell them to leave as they do not have ant warrant.

    1. but only after calling 911/the sheriff's office about uninvited armd people unlawfully invading your property and acting in an threatening manner and refusing to leave.

  2. It's coming. On the upside, we now have another easily identifiable tyrants picture...Shame about him going to a free mans HOME as that, in some folks minds will open up HIS home as a legitimate military target. Best o' luck "officer"...


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