90 Miles From Tyranny : ...Not A Single Shot Fired...

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

...Not A Single Shot Fired...



  1. Heard? Maybe. But completely ignored. Politicians have destroyed demographics. They don't need these votes, and technically have the press, police, and military. The marchers will either age out of their rights, until they become small and weak enough, or they will fight (and that assumes a win). There are no other options.

  2. Yup. The message I heard the next day, after they verified and approved what they'd already said they were going to approve. That you, and your 'rights' mean jack and shit. You WILL bow to us, and you will adore us, otherwise we will take what we feel you owe. Up to and including your life. Oh, and your family as well...just because we can.
    The next fight will be in a court they own, with a jury they've stacked. Only thing changing their mind will be said mind splattered across the mind standing directly behind them. Don't expect any minds to change otherwise.

    1. I once discussed the reason for politics being it is an platform to discuss differing points of view in order to not have those difference become so destabilizing as to engender violent reactions. yeah.
      the other part of that discussion was about what happens when one side completely ignores the desires of the other in favor of their own; regardless of unintended consequences. I believe the one word descriptor used was the word "war".
      Virginian's know that word. There was a civil war over just this kind of action done by the ruling elites of that day. From the outside looking in, it does seem that Virginia's internal politics are moving into that realm again. Not to be captain obvious here, but it's time the adults showed up and issued some serious corporal punishment to politicians who cannot read the United States of America's Constitution and the Sovereign State of Virginia's Constitution.

  3. They stood down because the word was out that chicanery was planned for the event. Northam is going to continue to push one way or another for (((Democratic))) Communist goals in Virginia. This could also have been a trial run; there will be more to come.


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