90 Miles From Tyranny : 40 Sex discrimination suits against accused sexist pig Mike Bloomberg

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Friday, February 14, 2020

40 Sex discrimination suits against accused sexist pig Mike Bloomberg

Bloomberg has one donor — himself — and with his own money, he has managed to surge to third place in several 2020 polls this week. He also bought his way onto the primary debate stage. Nancy Pelosi sees him as a positive.

His background isn’t glorious. He made a lot of his money off Red China, which he praises often, and he thinks it’s okay to throw black kids up against a wall to frisk them. What is getting little attention, however, is his sexist pig past, which he has always denied having.

The work environment he has set up over the years is described as deeply sexist, even as he claims to be Progressive fighting for minorities and women.

Mike Bloomberg’s stories of misogyny and sexism appear in lawsuits and journalistic accounts. He doesn’t physically abuse women; he’s more insidious than that, concentrating on disparaging comments and demeaning jokes.

“In December 2015, employees at Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun-control organization funded by Bloomberg, arrived at work to find a holiday gift on their desks from their employer: the former mayor’s 1997 autobiography, Bloomberg by Bloomberg. Flipping through the book, staffers found themselves uncomfortably reading their billionaire founder’s boasts about keeping “a girlfriend in every city” and other womanizing exploits as a Wall Street up-and-comer,” far-left GQ reported.

There are some 40 sex discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits brought against him and his organizations by 64 women over the past several decades.


Sekiko Garrison didn’t meet his criteria for respectful treatment.

Sekiko Sakai Garrison, a former sales representative at Bloomberg LP, alleged in a 1997 lawsuit that when then-CEO Mike Bloomberg found out she was pregnant, he told her, “Kill it!” He also said, “Great! Number 16!” There were 16 women on maternity leave at the time.

When Bloomberg saw her engagement ring, he commented, “What is the guy dumb and blind? What the hell is he marrying you for?”

He once pointed to another female employee and told Garrison, “If you looked like that, I’d do you in a second.” Bloomberg denied having said most of those things, but reportedly left Garrison a voicemail saying that if he did make the comments, he “didn’t mean it.”

Bloomberg reportedly did concede that he had said of Garrison and other women, “I’d do her.” In making the concession, however, he insisted that he had believed that...

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