90 Miles From Tyranny : Virginia Lawmakers Vote to Allow Illegal Aliens to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Virginia Lawmakers Vote to Allow Illegal Aliens to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

Virginia lawmakers passed legislation in both chambers of the state Legislature that would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, a consequence of the state Capitol’s newly minted Democratic majority.

Amid a rush before the end of the Virginia General Assembly’s “crossover” deadline Tuesday, lawmakers in both the state Senate and the House of Delegates passed separate bills allowing illegal immigrants to legally drive on the state’s roadways. HB 1211 and SB 34 both passed their respective chambers Tuesday, the last day legislation could cross over to the other chamber for consideration.

State senators passed SB 34 by a margin of 22-18. The Senate version, which Democratic state Sen. Scott Surovell introduced, permits illegal aliens living in the state to obtain a standard driver’s license, but with certain conditions. The undocumented applicants must prove they’ve filed an income tax return, and the cards would also include text stating that it’s not a valid form of ID for federal, voting, or public benefit purposes.

The House version, which Democratic Del. Kathy Tran introduced, passed by a margin of 57-42 and is largely similar to its Senate counterpart. The House bill, however, goes further by calling for the IDs to be conventional driver’s licenses.

The unprecedented votes make Virginia poised to become the next state to allow illegal aliens to apply for driver’s licenses—following in the footsteps of 14 other states. New York implemented a similar law in December 2019, and the governor of New Jersey signed into law a related bill that same...

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flyer of planes said...

this will end well.

SiGraybeard said...

It's like all these democratic cities and states work from the same template.

Make "high capacity" magazines illegal - check!
Make "assault weapons" illegal - check!
Let illegal aliens get driver's licenses - check!
and on and on it goes.

Peteforester said...

This is working out SO WELL in California... Now the illegals have driver licenses, but still don't have insurance or registrations... Hit & run? You can BET it's a Mexican!

Feraldog said...

Turning into East California.