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Friday, March 6, 2020

REPORT: Why Trump Will Thump Biden…

It appears that after Super Tuesday, the gaffe-filled Joe Biden candidacy will be dragged across the nomination line by the D.C. elites whether or not old Joe is the most deserving of that nomination or not.
What will follow might very well be one of the most lopsided political thumpings since Ronald Reagan utterly overpowered a hapless Walter Mondale in 1984.
Trump vs Biden? It’s gonna be knockout…

Via The American Spectator:
The voters will never replace the president with such an archetypal swamp creature.

Tuesday’s primaries have, for all intents and purposes, transformed the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination into a slugfest between the establishment-backed Joe Biden and the insurgent populist Bernie Sanders. With the help of the party bosses — or superdelegates, as they have been euphemistically rebranded — Biden will almost certainly prevail. This will, however, be a Pyrrhic victory for the former vice president. It will not merely alienate millions of Sanders’ supporters, many of whom will be so disillusioned by a repeat of the Democratic National Committee’s 2016 skulduggery that they will sit at home next November. It will also render Biden’s intellectual infirmities and history of influence-peddling impossible to conceal.

Before delving into the details of Biden’s fatal weaknesses, however, it’s important to dispose of recent polls showing President Trump losing a hypothetical matchup with the erstwhile vice president. These surveys are no more reliable than the tsunami of 2016 polls that showed Hillary Clinton trouncing Trump without breaking a sweat. To gauge the credibility of their current counterparts, it will be useful to pull up this poll from ABC showing Clinton with a 12-point lead just two weeks before the election, or the NBC survey that showed her ahead of Trump by 10 points, or this one from Monmouth that showed a 12-point Clinton lead. Polls showing Biden beating Trump in...

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1 comment:

cannon said...

nope, not gonna happen.
after biden wins a few more (rigged) primaries, he will have enough delegates to force sanders to withdraw(again), and back biden.
then biden will experiance some "medical issues" which will force him to withdraw.
the DNC big wigs will then fire up the smoke filled back rooms and make (your favorite dark horse) the candidate