90 Miles From Tyranny : RNC and Trump Campaign Break 2016 Digital Fundraising Record

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

RNC and Trump Campaign Break 2016 Digital Fundraising Record

Fueled by impeachment hysteria, the Republican National Committee closed out 2019 with their best fundraising month on record for a non-election year. The Committee raised $26.5 million in December, a $6 million increase from the month prior. In total that brought the combined fundraising of the RNC and Trump’s fundraising committees for 2019 to nearly a half-billion dollars, giving them a war chest of $195 million in cash on hand.

The fundraising numbers for February are in, and the RNC and Trump campaign saw their largest digital fundraising hauls since 2016. According to the Daily Caller: Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee raised upwards of $86 million in February, making it the largest digital fundraising monthly haul since 2016.

Republicans raised more than $3 million per day for the entire month. The campaign has raised more than $600 million since the start of 2019 and currently has more than $225 million cash on hand. According to Monday’s announcement, the campaign has gathered more than 4 million voter contacts this cycle in conjunction with the RNC and authorized joint fundraising committees.

Bernie Sanders also had a record month, raising $46.5 million, which ironically is also great news for...

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Kye said...

$2,500 of that was mine and I haven't even started on 2020 or the Trump reelection campaign. Plus I bother the crap out of friends and family till I get donations. I've never done this before for any campaign or any president. In 2016 I was responsible for getting over 40 Trump votes for the election. Most I literally drove to the polls. I joke that I was "personally responsible" for having Pennsylvania go for Trump. I'll do it all again this year and I'm shooting for 100 voters, of course now I have my wife and best friend involved as drivers. We old guys have the time....fight for America or these secret commies will take over before you know what's happened.

Mike Miles said...

Keep up the good work Kye!