90 Miles From Tyranny : Chinese Regime Hoards Global Inventory of Medical Supplies, Leading to Growing Shortage Outside China

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Chinese Regime Hoards Global Inventory of Medical Supplies, Leading to Growing Shortage Outside China

Chinese Regime Hoards Global Inventory of Medical Supplies, Leading to Growing Shortage Outside China

As the pandemic has spread throughout the world, hospitals have become overwhelmed by CCP virus patients.

N-95 masks, medical protective suits, goggles, surgical gloves, disinfectant, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines, and medical ventilators have become critical supplies to treat patients or protect medical workers from being exposed to the virus.

As many countries deal with escalating outbreaks, evidence has emerged that Chinese authorities have bought up billions of masks, as well as hundreds of tons of other critical medical supplies globally. Meanwhile, China, itself a major manufacturer of such medical supplies, has stopped exporting since January—just as the outbreak in China became severe.

Chinese firms and overseas Chinese organizations are the main means to realize Beijing’s global sourcing, buying up stock from the United States, Europe, Australia, and other countries.

In some instances, Chinese companies negotiated with major international manufacturers and asked them to sell or donate their stocks to China.

Having sold their inventories to China and unable to purchase new products from China, countries around the world are now running low on medical supplies.

Government Actions

Beijing authorities mobilized the Chinese diaspora to help buy up goods. “Keep on buying while sending back to China [medical supplies], and try your best to buy as much as possible,” read one article posted on the official website of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s United Front Work Department, an agency dedicated to spreading the regime’s agenda inside and outside China. In the West, United Front organizations are usually Chinese student unions at colleges and universities, Chinese chambers of commerce, and Chinese associations.

The United Front encouraged all overseas Chinese to follow in the association’s footsteps to buy up all available medical materials and send them back to China.

The article explained that overseas Chinese in the United States, Canada, UK, Argentina, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and Seychelles have already bought up goods in the tons.

Some overseas Chinese organizations in those countries buy from local manufacturers and major wholesalers directly, such as DuPont. Others buy from whatever retailers they can find, according to the article.

The groups then hired Chinese and international shipping companies to transport the goods, such as FedEx and SF Express. The United Front also encouraged Chinese nationals to purchase goods and transport them in their personal luggage when they travel back to China.

China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry also directly instructed nationals to buy up medical supplies.

The Chinese consulate general in Los Angeles issued a notice encouraging donations on its official website on Jan. 26, listing supplies that were urgently needed in China, including:

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  1. well, you see, they have to hoard up on medical supplies. the next virus they release is going to be much much worse than covid-19 now that they know all the experssors and spliced in bits of sars and hiv work well.


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