90 Miles From Tyranny : PBS reporter mocked for scolding US Surgeon General over message to black Americans: ‘Do it for your big mama’

Saturday, April 11, 2020

PBS reporter mocked for scolding US Surgeon General over message to black Americans: ‘Do it for your big mama’

Thanks to the mainstream media’s endless anti-Trump bias and rage, Surgeon General Jerome Adams was forced to explain himself Friday after he used culturally-specific language to urge blacks and Hispanics to take precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, I used that language because that’s the … I had been meeting with the NAACP, with the National Medical Association, with others,” his explanation began.

“I actually talked with Derek Johnson multiple times this week, the head of the NAACP. And we need targeted outreach to the African American community. And I used the language that is used in my family. I have a Puerto Rican brother-in-law. I call my granddaddy, ‘granddaddy.’ I have relatives who call their grandparents ‘big mama.’”

And FYI, Adams is BLACK …

Listen to his full response below:

“So that was not meant to be offensive,” he continued. “That’s the language that we use and that I use and we need to continue to target our outreach to those communities. It is critically important that they understand it’s not just about them and I was very clear about that. It’s not just about what you do, but you also are not helpless.”

“We need to do our part at the federal level. We need people to do their parts at the state level and we need everyone black, brown, white, whatever color you are to follow the president’s guidelines, the coronavirus guidelines, and do their part because when I talked to the NAACP three weeks ago, it’s important to note that one of the things they asked me was can you help dispel the myths in this community that people actually can’t get coronavirus if they’re black. That was a myth that was out there that’s actually very important for us to squash here.”

It’s true that some people have been claiming blacks are immune to the coronavirus, just as it’s true that it’s been the mainstream media that’s been loudly sounding the alarm about the coronavirus’s disproportionate impact on the black community.

But the moment Adams tried to address this impact with a heartfelt plea to black and Latino communities, PBS White House correspondent and frequent MSNBC contributor Yamiche Alcindor complained, as seen in the beginning of the clip above.

“I want to close by saying that while your state and local health departments and those of us in public service are working day and night to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to protect you regardless of your color, your creed, or your geography, I need you to know you are not helpless and it’s even more important that in communities of color, we adhere to the task force guidelines to slow the spread,” the surgeon general had tried to say earlier.

“Stay at home if possible. If you must go out, maintain six feet of distance between you and everyone else and wear a mask if you’re going to be within six feet of others. Wash your hands more often than you ever dreamed possible. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and call your friends and family, check in on your mother. She wants to hear from you right now.”

He’d then turned to culturally-specific language to ensure his message would be received and acknowledged by black and Latino communities.

“And speaking of mothers, we need you to do this, if not for yourself then for your Abuela, do it for your granddaddy, do it for your big mama, do it for your...

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