90 Miles From Tyranny : US Army Colonel: Coronavirus Was Leaked From A Chinese Lab

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

US Army Colonel: Coronavirus Was Leaked From A Chinese Lab

“Time and additional evidence will show that coronavirus ‘leaked’ from a Chinese laboratory.”

A retired US Army Colonel is among a growing list of prominent figures to lend weight to the theory that the Coronavirus now ravaging the globe leaked from a Chinese bio-lab in Wuhan in late November.

Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the U.S. Army Reserve, who previously worked at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

In a recent op ed, he writes that while “there appears to be a politically-motivated campaign to demonstrate that CoVid-19 occurred naturally as a species ‘jump’ from animals to humans originating in the Wuhan wet market…there is still little evidence that directly supports that contention.”

Instead, Sellin posits that the origin of the virus is more likely to be a lab leak, arguing that “the technology to create a coronavirus chimera has been demonstrated,” and “deadly viruses have previously ‘leaked’ out of Chinese virology labs in two separate incidents.”

“Given the illness, death and economic destruction caused by CoVid-19, it is the responsibility of the Chinese government to fully open its research files and databases to international inspection, including information about the hundreds of coronavirus isolates, in order to ascertain the true origin of the Chinese CoVid-19 coronavirus.” Sellin urges.

There are already indications within the scientific literature and growing suspicions elsewhere that CoVid-19, the pandemic coronavirus, originated in a Chinese laboratory. Article by Lawrence Sellin https://bit.ly/3bVbpKU 
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Sellin, a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, and a regular contributor to the Military Times, has been vocal on social media regarding the lab leak theory, pointing to others, including government officials, who are not dismissing the notion:

British politicians fear that the coronavirus pandemic was caused by a leak from a Chinese laboratory. Yet unverified local reports say laboratory workers became infected after exposed to blood and then carried the infection into the local population. http://dailym.ai/2JIlGhl 
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As I have been saying - A molecular biologist and coronavirus expert said in no uncertain terms that the novel coronavirus could have been unleashed due to a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. https://bit.ly/2V1Zzrk 
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Sellin, author of Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution, has also demanded China be held accountable for its lies regarding the severity and spread of...

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  1. Who didn't already know this?

  2. Why pretend that it was "leaked"??? Is it not far more likely that it was intentionally RELEASED from that lab???

  3. Speculation is not evidence. "Could have" is not the same as "did". He doesn't know .



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