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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Interesting Stats... Draw Your Own Conclusions...


  1. Well, obviously the plague is lowbrow, racist, sexist, and violent. It must be a white male between the ages of fifteen and at least my age!

  2. Maybe a further breakdown of both sets of states is in order - like say the metro areas in those states that are controlled by dems as opposed to those controlled by reps (yes I know there aren't that many. Any bets that virtually all of the cases/fatalities are in dem controlled areas?

    1. Callin for a clarification oe a revote? It will make a difference, just not enough of one.

    2. Right, here in Illinois if we got rid of Chiraq we would have less than 150 deaths.

    3. Right, but with Texas and Florida, that just doesn't matter. Similar could easily be said of parts of Cali, Texas, Florida, and maybe upstate NY. Are you into neomath?

  3. Instead of correlating the virus with demographic political party sffiliation, try population density, or city size.
    YES, they are related, but correlation DOES NOT equal causation!
    More people living in densely populated areas are catching it, but not due to being registered democrats.
    Rather the correlation that exists between wanting/choosing to live in densely populated areas (aka big city), vs choosing to live in less populated areas. Democrats favor hive-minded policies because they are living in densely populated cities. Folks with some space between their neighbors favor individualistic policies politically.
    THAT is the difference between the two parties. One wishes to have their lives run by a Queen Bee, others run screaming from it. Now tell me, just how in the hell are we supposed to all get along?


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