90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘Nice try, journo’: WaPo reporter deletes deceptive tweet that tried to pin price spike on Trump

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Friday, April 24, 2020

‘Nice try, journo’: WaPo reporter deletes deceptive tweet that tried to pin price spike on Trump

William Bryan, a DHS senior official, detailed how COVID-19 was being studied at a biodefense center lab in Maryland and findings so far included that solar light, temperature, humidity and ultraviolet light kill the virus. In addition, Bryan shared that “bleach kills it in saliva or respiratory fluids in 5 minutes; isopropyl alcohol in 30 seconds. No rubbing. Just spray it.”

DHS official says sunlight impedes transmission of the virus (more outdoor activities) and bleach kills the virus in 5 minutes and isopropyl alcohol in 30 seconds. Trump "Sounds interesting to me"
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“Isopropyl alcohol, which the Trump administration is saying can kill the virus in 30 seconds on surfaces, for sale on Amazon right now for $2.375,” Phillips wrote in a since-deleted tweet. She included a screenshot from the site in her tweet which was suggesting the administration triggered a price hike in rubbing alcohol because of Thursday’s comments.

What Phillips failed to include, however, was the fact that the price she quoted was for a 55-gallon drum of laboratory-grade isopropyl alcohol.

Heavy demand for hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus crisis did drive up prices for the key ingredient which became harder to obtain, according to a Wall Street Journal report at the beginning of April. But the Washington Post blogger was obviously making a different point in her tweet and Twitter users quickly called her out for it.

Some wondered if she had ever purchased rubbing alcohol at her local CVS.

(A) Do you think she knows that's a 55 gal drum? Or (B) do you think she's never bought Isopropyl Alcohol in the store before? ...Or (C) She knows and it just intentionally lying?

This should be embarrassing for @washingtonpost , but it won't be... because this is standard now. https://twitter.com/byamberphillips/status/1253449043063300101 
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But most just pointed out the obvious...

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just saying said...

California banned isopropyl back in Nov. 2019, notn to n=mention the FDA ban hand sanitizer in April of 2019.
What the hell did they know and when did they know it, Help people let's get these bastards and bitches

Differ said...

I think that ban was for denatured alcohol/methanol for use as a heating/cooking fuel. But they've not yet stopped Amazon from selling it to Ca. Cannot imagine the hoopla when the celeb's galas cannot use Sternos to keep the buffet trays warm. Cannot believe CARB would ban isopropyl alcohol for use as a disinfectant... But, California.